Member’s Mark Test Batches


When you can get fresh apple juice what do you use?

In order to find out what is the best store apple juice to use you need to test them all. So 1st up is Member’s Mark 100% apple juice. I did pick this apple juice up at Sams Club. I do like cherry hard cider and raspberry hard cider so we will make 1 gallon of each and see how they do. We did let the concentrate worm up so it would be a liquid. We do not want this cold. If its cold it could be solid then we cant get it into the glass carboy.

Once we have our carboys sanitized we will want to put our concentrate in 1st. By doing this we can just fill up both carboys with apple juice. If you put the apple juice in 1st you might not have room for the concentrate. Once we have the concentrate and apple juice in the carboys we want to shake them up to mix everything together. Now its time to take OG on both of them.

This is homebrewing so we do not need everything to be 100%

Apple Cherry OG 1.055

Apple Raspberry OG 1.057

I think they are different b/c of the amount of apple juice that was added. I do not have 1 gallon lines on my carboys so I think the apple cherry had a little more apple juice in it. So this is why the cherry OG is a little lower than the raspberry.

Making Video


Once fermentation is done we want to taste them b/4 we move them to bottles.

Apple Cherry: I was not getting a lot of cherry from this one. I was thinking that it was a little dry and needed to be backsweeten. I think I will add some apple cider back into this one just so it had some sweetness to it.

Apple Raspberry: I think this one is good. You could smell the raspberry and taste it.

Tasting Video

Cherry and Raspberry Hard Cider Done

Now that both hard ciders have been in bottles for 2 weeks it time to taste the finished product.

Apple Cherry: Light maybe a little too light. Still dry. Not a lot of cherry but drinkable. Next time I would put another can or 1/2 of can to bring out more cherry flavor.

Apple Raspberry: Good smell good taste. Body a little light for me.

Apple Cherry Video

Apple Raspberry Video

So as you can see its easy to make hard cider at home. Making test batches can help you fine tune the flavors you like. Using apple juice from the store can help you make hard cider all year long.