I wanted to make another NE IPA or New England IPA. In an issue of Brew Your Own they had a recipe that looked good so thats the base I went with. Here is the recipe that I used:

10 LBS 2 Row

2 LBS Flaked Oats

2 LBS Flaked Wheat

1 oz Magnum 60 mins

1.5 oz Citra 5 mins

2 oz Mosaic 5 mins

1 oz Simcoe 5 mins

1 oz El Drado 5 mins

WLP007 Yeast

Dry hop after 4 days

3 oz Citra

3 oz Mosaic

1 oz Simcoe

1 oz El Drado

Here is the Brew Day Video

1st Tasting Video

2nd Tasting Video


Over all I think this is a good beer, but If I make it again I will split the dry hop into 2. I would keep the 1st dry hop at 4 days then do another one 2 days after that.

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