Raspberry Ale 2017

In 2016 I wanted to make my wife a raspberry beer as she loves them. Webrews put out a video for a raspberry ale so I made it to see if she liked it. She loved it so in 2017 I made a 5 gal batch of it.


2-Row 80.2%
White Wheat Malt 6.7%
Crystal 20L 3.3%
.5 oz Cascade @ 60mins
.5 oz Cascade @ 5 mins
Whirlfloc @ 15 mins
1 lb 7.5oz Honey Flame out( I only added 1 lb)
US-05 yeast

7.32 LBS Raspberries after 14 days(7 days in beer)


This one turned out good. Beersmith has some interesting numbers when I scaled this one to 5 gals so I moved some stuff around. In the end I only used 1 lb of honey and not the 1.75 lbs that it called for. In 2016 this was a 8.5x % ABV and I did not want it that high this year. Also I only used 6 LBs of raspberries and I think that is good.

Brew Day Video

Tasting Video