Centennial Cascade

This is the 2nd homebrew in our 2 Hop series. As someone new to homebrewing might want to take the time and test out hops. I have never made a homebrew changing up the hops. Here is the recipe. This is 1.25 gallons into the fermenter

2 LBS 4 oz 2-Row

.25 oz Centennial @60

.25 oz Cascade @10

.25 oz Centennial @5

.25 oz each 3 Days Dry Hop

Color: NE IPA in color. Hazy Yellow. Protein and Yeast floating

Smell: Grapefruit Citrus with some sweet malt

Tasting: The Grapefruit Citrus stands out in this homebrew. You do get a hint of sweet malt on the back end.

Overall: I think this beer is more balanced than the cascade centennal. Also Im not a big floral fan so grapefruit wins.

Tasting Video 1