Cherry Mead

I started making meads in 2015 so meads are still new to me. One of my first meads was a cherry mead. Starting out I wanted to make easy recipes, from what I read I think the best way to start is put everything in the primary then move it to secondary when it was ready.

Recipe is for 1 gallon:

3 LBs Honey

1 LB cherries with pits( 1 week)

US-05 yeast

Water to 1 gal 

I didn't take any readings on any of my mead's in 2015 so I'm not sure about the ABV on this one. One thing that I'm learning is meads are kind of like wine and take some time. I made this mead in September of 2015 and didn't start drinking it until late 2016. Overall this is the best mead I have made to date.

Cherry Mead Recipe

 Tasting Review 1

Tasting Review 2(this video has all of the 1st year meads)