Calypso and 2-Row Malt

This SMash Beer is using Great Western Malt 2-Row and Calypso Hops. Making small batches like this can save some brewing time and let you find out what kind of hops and malts you like.


2 LBS 12 oz 2-row

.39 oz Calypso 30 mins

.29 oz Calypso 5 mins

.32 oz Calypso Dry Hop

US-05 Yeast

Smell: We are getting for citrus out of this hop. Like a grapefruit rind. Nothing from the smell is in your face. Calypso hop for them package had fruity on it. We are not getting fruit from this homebrew.

Taste: Smooth slick taste. Bitter bite in the back. We are thinking this hop might be better at the end of the boil. Maybe the 30 min add needs to be moved to 10 mins.

Over all: good beer but we need to move Calypso additions to 10 and 5 mins.

Video Tasting 1