Sabro Smash

Sabro hops are a hop that I have been wanting to brew with. Sabro should bring coconut to the beer and I like coconut. This is my first time brewing with Sabro hops and I was thinking it would be a good one to put in our small batch smash series. If you have been following along with this series our grain bill and hop schedule has changed over time and we have been learning. Here is the recipe I used

2 LBS Pilsner Malt

.1 oz Sabro 60 mins

.25 oz Sabro 10 mins

.25 oz Sabro 5 mins

.4 oz Sabro 3 days dry hop

Color: Hazy yellow

Smell: Light sweet malt. Im getting a smell but Im not sure what it is. Almost like a coconut over hopped. Hint of citrus.

Taste: Lots of lemon citrus. Body is light. Once this beer warms up some it can get a hint of coconut.

Tasting Video 1