Mosaic Smash 2-Row vs Maris Otter

In our small batch series we are starting off with smash beers. We want to see what hops and malts we like. In this test we are seeing what grain we like 2-Row or Maris Otter.

Both are using the same amount of grain 2-3/4 LBs. Hop additions are the same .39 oz @ 30 .29 oz @ 5 then .32 oz dry hop. So the only thing we are changing is the grain.

This is the tasting 2 of 2-Row and Maris Otter

7.6% ABV 2-Row

5.4% ABV Maris Otter

Color: The 2-Row looks good Caramel water. The Maris Otter looks a little darker than it did in the 1st tasting. Almost a brown orange color. Lots of bobbles.

Smell: 2-Row Hint of citrus malt and alcohol. Maris Otter not a good smell lemon citrus funk.

Taste: 2-Row flat citrus thick. Maris Otter bad dont drink. The Maris Otter did not age well

Overall: The Maris Otter went from the best tasting beer to an undrinkable beer in a month. This is the 2nd Maris Otter beer that has done this. The flat Mosaic with 2-Row is best but we wouldnt drink them.

Tasting Video 1