Maris Otter Citra Smash All-Grain 

This is another beer in our small batch series. In this batch we wanted to test out Citra hops with Maris Otter. For all batches in this series we will stay with the same amount of grains with the SMaSH beers.

Recipe(1.25 gallons in the fermentor) 60min boil

2 LBs 12 oz Maris Otter

.39oz Citra 30mins

.29oz Citra 5mins

.32oz Citra dry hop

3g US-05 yeast

Smell: Big sweet fruit from the citra. I think most of the sweetness is from the Maris Otter. Hints of citrus round out the smell

Color: Dark orange color. You could call this a NE IPA. Very hazy.

Taste: Nice sweet fruit almost all the way down. Hint of citrus.

Recipe/Tasting Video


This beer is not aging well at all.

Smell: Funky passion fruit foot fungus. Per Steve funky wet dog

Taste: old beer. The Maris Otter is talking over. Hop flavor has gone way down. Not a bad homebrew but you cant call it an IPA. You are almost getting nothing from the citra hops. Per Steve he wouldn’t drink this homebrew.

Notes: We are starting to see why MO is not used in NE IPAs or IPAs. The MO takes over fast. You are better off using MO in darker beers.

Tasting 2