Jester SMaSH

Tasting Jester with European Pilsner Malt

Tasting Jester with European Pilsner Malt


It all started when…

This small batch smash beer is testing out Jester hops. We have not had Jester hops in a beer before so we needed to try it.

This small batch recipe is using the following

2 LBs 12 oz European Pilsner malt

.39 oz Jester hops 30 mins

.29 oz Jester hops 5 mins

.32 oz Jester hops dry hop

US-05 yeast

This smash beer looks very thick. Smell is almost like a very big DIPA that has some age on it. The Jester hops are not winning over that grain smell. You can smell this is a higher ABV beer. Taste you are getting some citrus orange but you are getting a hint of alcohol.

I think b/c the yeast is going to town on this beer I need to cut back on the amount of grain Im using. Maybe go with 1.5 LBs of grain.

Tasting Video

Update 6/4/19 Tasting 2

This homebrew is now now 2 months old. In our small batch series we are tasting the beer each month to see what is changing. This Jester SMaSH beer was made with European Pilsner Malt “Viking Malt” In this second tasting we get a big smell of honey. We did not get this smell in the first tasting. For the taste we are getting honey water, no hops just honey water. This Viking malt turns fast. This might be a good malt to use in a wheat beer or darker beer. You can check out our full review here.

Tasting Video 2

Update 10/2/2019 Tasting 3

Color: The color has not changed from the last tasting still a watered down honey color

Smell: Honey water has taken over. That Viking malt is all you get. Its like smelling a mead

Tasting: sweet malt honey. It tastes like a double IPA that has been aged for a year.

Overall: I think Viking malt would work well with other malts. On its own it turns too fast. I could see using this in a porter, stout or NE IPA if you couldnt find honey malt.

Tasting Video 3