Smash Rahr 2-Row Citra

This is another small batch beer we made. This one is using Rahr 2-Row and Citra. We are using BIAG for this one. Here is the recipe for 1.25 gallons into the carboy.

2 LBs 12 oz Rahr 2-Row

.39 oz Citra hops @ 30 mins

.29 oz Citra hops @ 5 mins

.32 oz Citra hops dry hop(3 days into fermentation)

3g US-05 yeast

7.14% ABV


Most of the small batches that I have made have been high in ABV. Beersmith is calling for this to be 6.2% ABV.

Color: Was a light orange color. Nothing like the MO and Citra. This version is clear unlike the MO version. Light hazy

Smell: Light juicy fruit smell

Taste: The ABV is showing up in the taste of this one. This could be due to how young the beer is. It might need to sit 2 or 3 more weeks. A little toasted note in this one, but I do get that from Rahr 2-Row.

Overall: Not a bad home brew right now. Hops should start showing in 2 weeks or so. At this point the Maris Otter Citra is 10x better right now.

Tasting Video 1

Update 1

This homebrew is starting to be balanced.

Smell: We are getting more lemon and it smells like it has a lighter body

Taste: Starting to get biscuit malt from the Rahr 2-Row. Citrus Lemon bitterness and its smooth. Starting to balance well.

Tasting Video 2