Yooper's Oatmeal Stout

Going into the brew day for this beer I knew I had a good recipe. This recipe is from HomeBrewTalk. I wanted to try this recipe as I was not 100% happy with my Oatmeal Raisin Stout.

My recipe for Yooper's Oatmeal Stout:

Batch Size 5.5

8 LBS Maris Otter 64%

1 LB Flaked Oats 8%

12 oz Victory 6%

10 oz Chocolate 5%

8 oz Flaked Barley 4%

8 oz Black Barley 4%

8 oz Crystal 80L 4%

8 oz Roaste Barley(Simpsons) 4%

2 oz Chocolate Malt 1%

2 oz Willamette Boil 60min Alpha 5.1% Beta 3.8%

Yeast WLP007

Brew day (10/23/2016) went well. Mash in was 156. Mash in temp after 60 mins was 158 (not sure how it went up). Pre boil gravity was 11.5 Brix. OG was 15 Brix. Moved to secondary on 11/13/2016. Gravity was at 9 Brix. This went to into a keg on 12/11 and was consumed in it's entirety on 12/16/2016 to raving reviews by Oatmeal Stout lovers -- and non home brew lovers alike.  FG was 9 Brix 5.75% ABV. Using BeerSmith for the IBUs this beer would be at 49 IBUs. BeerSmith Recipe