Chinook IPA

This year was my 1st year growing hops. One of the hops I was looking at was chinook. I have had chinook in a beer before, but never on its own. Northern Brewer had a sale on kits so I ordered this kit as the only hop in it is chinook. With my new brewing set up this was my 1st brew on the new system using fly sparge.

Recipe is for 5.25 gal Fly sparge

10 LBs 2-Row(Rahr) 90.9%

12 oz Cara 8 6.8%

4 oz Caramel 120L 2.3%

.75 oz Chinook 60 min

.50 oz Chinook 10 min

.50 oz Chinook 1 min

1 oz Dry Hop 7 days

WLP001 Yeast

Brew day went well. Pre boil gravity was 11 Brix. Efficiency ending up at 72.45%. FG was 6.045% ABV. Beersmith showed 5.7% so a littler higher is not a bad thing. The spice is what you get in this beer and it's good. We had a party and it was gone in 1 night. This is a beer I can see making every year. I hope to make this beer in 2017 using my own hops.


Brew Day

Tasting Review