Tropical Toasted Coconut Milkshake IPA

This is the second Extract Kit from Craft A Brews Craft Society. The name is Mele Kalikimaka Tropical Toasted Coconut Milkshake IPA.


6.25 LBS Pilsen Dry Malt Extract

2.125 LBs Mix Caraplis, Honey Malt & Flaked Oats

1.25 LBs Lactose

2 oz Citra(Hopstand)

2 oz Mosaic (Hopstand)

2 oz Simcoe (Hopstand)

3 oz Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe (dry hop 1 oz of each 4 days into fermentation)

3 oz Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe (dry hop 1 oz of each 10 days into fermentation)

1 LB toasted Coconut (10 days into fermentation)

S-04 yeast

Kit Unboxing here

Grains to steep at 155 for 20 mins. Bring to a boil add DME and Lactose. Boil for 20 mins. Once this is done let cool to 180 then add Hopstand hops for 30 mins.

Brew day went well for this Craft A Brew extract batch. It was a fast brew day is we only had to boil for 20 mins.

Brew Day Video Here

This home brew turned out well for the most part. Nice tropical smell and a nice juicy citrus taste. The only thing missing is the coconut from this brew. I think the dry hops need to be cut back some to let the coconut into this beer. I did talk with some other people that made this beer and most of them also did not get coconut. One person did get coconut and said maybe I did not toast the coconut enough. This could be I do want to make another batch of this beer to see if I can bring out the coconut in this beer.

Tasting Video Here

Craft A Brew Mele Kalikimaka Extract Kit

Craft A Brew Mele Kalikimaka Extract Kit