Cascade 2-Row Smash

This Smash beer is using Cascade hops and Rahr 2-Row malt. Recipe is the following

2 LBs Rahr 2-Row

.39 oz Cascade 30 mins

.29 oz Cascade 5 mins

.32 oz Dry hops (3 days)

US-05 Yeast

I wanted to test more than just the malt and hops in this beer. Cascade is a standard hop that must people are using. It works well in a lot of styles of beers. If you are new to homebrewing this would be a good hop to start with. One thing that I wanted to test is how long does a beer take to carb up using the carb tabs. So the first set of notes are tasting this beer in the bottle for 2 weeks. If you use Beersmith you will know it wants you to age this beer for 30 days be for drinking.

Color: Looks like a NE IPA. Nice yellow orange color with chill haze.

Smell: You get a little malt out of this homebrew. Citrus dank with some toasted bread.

Taste: Very young beer, Thicker beer. Lemon grass from start to finish in the taste. Carbonation is very low. Maybe an oat taste.

Tasting 1

Update 1 AKA Tasting 2

Steve did join me for this tasting

Lots of trub in this beer. We think this is from the carbonation. Nice white head on this homebrew.

Color: Nice NE IPA color hazy. Lots and lots of bubbles

Smell: Steve is getting some melon out of the smell. Sweet malt I get melon also.

Taste: It taste bright like very fresh beer. Could be from carbonation. Getting some sweetness in the taste. Dry in the finish.

Overall. I think this homebrew turned out ok. We are not getting the cascade taste like we think it should. For hops we went with 30 mins, 5 mins and dry hop. I think I would add some hops at 60 mins to bring out more of the cascade. I think the malt is taking over.

Tasting 2

Tasting 3

Color: Light yellow and hazy

Smell: Floral upfront then some sweetness in the end

Taste: Smooth citrus pine hint of yeast and sweet malt

Overall: I think this homebrew is doing well. I think the 2-Row helps keep the beer balanced.

Tasting 3