Centennial Cascade with Oats


Centennial Cascade with Oats

For the 3rd batch in our 2 Hops series I made Centennial Cascade with Oats. To learn what oats do to a homebrew I went with half a pound. This recipe is for 1.25 gallons into the carboy

2 LBs 4 oz 2-Row

8 oz Oats

.25 oz Centennial @60

.25 oz Cascade @10

.25 oz Centennial @5

.25 oz both for dry hop

Color: Hazy yellow

Smell: Sweet malt with a hint of citrus with some floral

Taste: Very thick, floral very sweet almost like a brown sugar with some citrus

Overall: The oats didnt do anything to the head of this homebrew. 8 oz of oats are overkill in this beer. I would drop it back to 4 oz next time. I think the oats are doing something to the flavor as we should get more grapefruit out of this batch almost like we did in the Centennial Cascade small batch

Tasting Video 1