Cascade Centennial with Crystal 40 Malt

This is the Sixth beer in our 2 hop series. This takes the base cascade and centennial and adds Crystal 40 malt. I know C40 will change the color of this homebrew a lot. Im not sure what it will bring in terms of smell or taste. Will we get more sweetness? Here is the recipe I used. This was for a 1.25 gallons going into the carboy.

2 LBS 4 oz 2-Row

4 oz C40 malt

.25 oz Cascade 60 mins

.25 oz Centennial 10 mins

.25 oz Cascade 5 mins

.25 oz of both 3 days into fermentation

US-05 Yeast

Color: Pumpkin Orange. Hazy

Smell: Floral citrus

Taste: Not a lot of taste upfront. Citrus floral with a hint of bitterness. You do get a little sweetness from this beer. I think the floral does overpower the citrus.

Overall: I think this C40 would go well with Vienna malt. I might make this using Centennial Cascade version of this and see if we get more citrus.

Tasting Video 1