Brown Sugar Belgian Ale 2016

This is the second year making this. The goal this year was to up the ABV. I was going to add 2 LBs of Dark Brown Sugar. Doing this Beersmith told me the ABV would be over 11%. After doing some thinking about this I didn't do it I stayed with the same recipe, but upped the Pilsner malt.

Recipe is for 5.25 gal batch size. Fly sparge was used this year.

12 LBs Pilsner 66.7%

4 LBs White Wheat 22.2%

1 LB Dark Brown Sugar 30 mins of boil

2 oz Fuggle 60 mins


I brewed this on 6/19/2016 and it went to keg on 7/31/2016. FG was 7.91%. This was lower than the 2015 batch I made. I think this is due to going from BIAB to Fly sparge. My efficiency with BIAB is high and I'm still new to fly sparge so it was lower even with the added grain. This years batch was still good, but I have to say that it gets better with age. As you will see in the videos the second tasting review of this was better than the 1st.

Brew day

Tasting Review

Final Review