Cascade Centennial with Vienna Malt

This is the fifth beer in our 2 hop series. This takes the base cascade and centennial and adds Vienna malt. I was thinking using the Vienna would bring out some toasted bread. I was not sure how the floral would taste in this homebrew but I wanted to see what the Vienna would do to it. Here is the recipe I used. This was for a 1.25 gallons going into the carboy.

2 LBS 4 oz 2-Row

4 oz Vienna malt

.25 oz Cascade 60 mins

.25 oz Centennial 10 mins

.25 oz Cascade 5 mins

.25 oz of both 3 days into fermentation

US-05 Yeast

Color: Bright yellow. Cloudy hazy. Almost like a watered down NE IPA

Smell: Hint of floral with some sweet malt. Hint of pine. Im getting more pine out of this one more than the other 4 batches. Maybe the Vienna is bring out the pine? I was thinking I would get more toasted bread. Maybe we need to add more Vienna to get that smell.

Taste: Big lemon citrus. Its almost like the centennial has taken over in this one. After taste does have some floral. Not getting toasted bread out of this one. Its almost like the Vienna is helping the centennial.

Overall: Ok homebrew. I would say this would be on the bottom of my list. I will need to make more beers with Vienna to see if it brings out another hop like it did centennial.

Tasting Video 1