Falconers Flight All-Grain SMaSH Rahr Pilsner

Falconers Flight from the package is said to have flavor and aroma of Floral, Citrus, and Tropical. To try and bring out the aroma and flavor they are saying I wanted to go with a very light malt for this one. I used Rahr Premium Pilsner. Here is the recipe. This would be 1.25 gallons going into the fermenter

2 LBS Rahr Premium Pilsner

.39 oz Falconers Flight @ 30 mins

.29 oz Falconers Flight @ 5 mins

.32 oz Dry Hop Falconers Flight

US-05 Yeast

60 min Boil

Pre-Boil was 1.024

OG was 1.045

ABV 4.33%

First Tasting notes

Smell: Hoppy Grain. Almost smells like the hop did overpower the beer.

Taste: Very light. Citrus bitterness. After taste is more of a grapefruit bitterness. Not getting the tropical fruit that I got when I added the dry hop.

Tasting 1

Tasting update 1

Look: very light yellow color

Smell: Light toasted malt. I think we are getting more than in the 1st tasting. Im still getting the citrus bitterness.

Taste: sweet toasted bread lemon grass citrus. May be a little over carbonated.

I do know that FF is made up of a lot of differen C hops and I think this one could be all other place as you dont know what hop flavor you might get. Maybe adding the hops at a different time would pull out different hops.

Tasting 2