Darth Vader Black IPA

This was brewed in 2015. This recipe is from HomeBrewTalk.com. This was a good beer. I did not have time to brew this in 2016, but I did get to drink it! This beer did not go into a keg, it went into bottles. This was a good beer in 2015, but I have to say I think it's better in 2016. Take a look at the 8 month review of this to find out why.

Recipe is for a 5.25 extract batch

9.24 LBs of Briess Munich Liquid Malt Extract 75.3%

1 LB Caramel 10L 8.2%

1 LB Midnight Wheat 8.2%

1 LB Special Roast 8.2%

2 oz Centennial 60 min

1 oz Cascade 45 min

1 oz Willamette 15 min

1 oz Cascade End of boil

1 oz Cascade Dry Hop 7 days

US-05 Yeast

I do not have much info on this beer as it was one of the 1st ones that I put on YouTube. I do want to make this again in 2017!

Tasting Review 1

Tasting Review Final