Raspberry Ale

I'm always looking for a good summer beer that is not an IPA. All credit goes to Webrews on this one. My wife likes raspberry wheat ales so this one was for her.

Recipe is for 1 gal BIAB

2 LBs 3.2 oz 2-Row 79.7%

3.2 oz White Wheat 7.2%

1.6 oz Crystal 20L 3.6%

.11 oz Cascade 60 min

.11 oz Cascade 5 min

4.2 oz honey at flame out

1.33 LBs Raspberry secondary 7 days

What a tasty, refreshing beer! I could drink this all the time. This ended up at 8.763% ABV so you will not want to drink 5 of them in a day. You get a tart raspberry out of this beer that is right on point with a hint of sweetness. I will be making a 5 gal batch of this in 2017.

Tasting Review 1

Tasting Review 2