Dead Ringer 2016 - 2

This beer was so good that I had to make it a second time in 2016. This time I went to Bell's (my LHBS) and picked up the grains and hops for this. For me this is cheaper than getting it online.

This was a 5 gal batch sparge for me. Here is the recipe:

11 LBS 2-Row(Rahr)

 1 LB Crystal 40L

.75 oz Centennial 60 min

1 oz Centennial 20 min

2 oz Centennial 5 min

1 oz Dry Hop 3-5 days

WLP001 Yeast

The first time I made this beer it was a BIAB, this time it was a full all-grain batch and FG was 5.85. This first time I made this the FG was 6.53. So, as you can see moving to a batch sparge did take down my efficiency. I will work on getting this back up. I think the high ABV is better for this beer. 

Dead Ringer 2 Brew Day

I do not have a tasting review of this one as this was for a wedding and I didn't have any left over to do a review on. If I could change anything I would say the ABV on this one needs to be higher - 5.85% is just to low for this beer. It needs to be up around 6.5 to 7% ABV.