Amarillo 100% Wheat Smash

Sorachi Ace did well with 100% wheat so why not make some more. We are trying to learn more about malts and hops. This small batch was made with Amarillo hops. I was thinking the Amarillo would bring orange to the beer. So I was thinking this would be a Wheat orange. Here is the recipe I used for this small batch beer(1.25 gallons into the carboy)

2 LBs 4 oz White Wheat

.25 oz Amarillo @10 mins

.25 oz Amarillo @5 mins

.10 oz Amarillo @1 mins

.40 oz Amarillo 3 days for dry hop

US-05 yeast

ABV 5.34%

Color: Light orange. Hazy( Im thinking this is from the Wheat malt)

Smell: Wheat citrus. Not a big smell like I was thinking it was going to be

Taste: Smooth orange wheat. After taste is more orange citrus than anything

Overall: I would like to see more orange in this homebrew. From the 2-Row version we did this wheat version is not on the same page. Maybe it needs more hops to get passed that wheat.

Tasting Video 1