Sorachi Ace with 100% Wheat

I wanted to brew a small batch with hops and a malt that I have not used before. Sorachi Ace is a hop that I have not used in a home brew. I dont think I have had it in a craft beer before. Sorachi Ace has intense lemon then light dill, tea and coriander. I was thinking the lemon would go well with a 100% wheat grain bill. I was not sure when you would get the dill. Here is the recipe I used for this small batch beer(1.25 gallons into the carboy)

2 LBs 4 oz White Wheat

.25 oz Sorachi Ace @10 mins

.25 oz Sorachi Ace @5 mins

.10 oz Sorachi Ace @1 mins

.40 oz Sorachi Ace 3 days for dry hop

US-05 yeast

Color: Yellow golden some haze.

Smell: Dill not a big smell from this one just light dill

Tasting: Light lemon dill. The body from the wheat is good.

Overall: If you like dill Sorachi Ace might be the hop for you. Both Steve and I would make a 5 gallon batch of this.

Tasting Video 1