Brown Sugar Belgian Ale 2015

2015 was the 1st time I brewed this beer and I wanted a higher ABV beer on tap. This recipe is from Basic Brewing Radio. After watching the video of James and Steve make this I had to try it. I'm always trying to have different beers on tap and I was thinking this would be a good one for other people to try. I made this using BIAB.

Recipe for a 5.25 gal batch size

10 LBs Pilsner 66.7%

4 LBs White Wheat 26.7%

1 LB Dark Brown sugar 30 mins

2 oz Fuggle 60 min

WLP500 Yeast

I do not have a brew day for this, but I do have some reviews:

Tasting 1

Tasting 2

What a good beer! I do not think I have had a Belgian like this -with an ABV over 8.7 you have to watch what you're doing drinking this one. I liked this one so much I drank the keg in 3 weeks. If you want to have a Belgian on tap this is a good one to have. The grain bill and brewing of this is easy.