The Anvil 7.5 gallon stainless bucket fermentor is made out of 304 stainless steel. It has a coned bottom for yeast and other trub to go. A rotating racking arm to help keep you out of  trub. Ball valve, air-lock and stopper are included with this bucket fermentor. Embossed Level Markings and a Liquid Crystal Thermonmeter. Welded handles on each side.


Height 19.5" to top of lid. Add another 6.25 if using a 2 piece air-lock

Width 16.5" handle to handle

Depth 15.25"


Anvil Bucket Fermentor vs Standard Plastic Bucket

For the price you cant pass up a plastic fermentation bucket. You can pick up this bucket for less than $15 all day long. The issue I have with them is scratching. If you get a scratch in this bucket it can be bad. If you dont see it your beer can go from good to bad in no time. Also the lids, have you tried to get a lid off a plastic bucket? Also with a plastic bucket you will have to use a racking cane to get your beer out. On the plus side if you need a new one it doesn't cost that much to replace it. In the long term it might cost you more, but it will be years down the road when the cost of plastic buckets would get up to the price of an Anvil Bucket Fermentor. The Anvil Bucket Fermentor for the cost is on the low end for Stainless fermentors.  $129.99 at the time of this post. What do you get for this price? Easy removable lid, ball valve, air-lock and a rotating racking arm. Because this is Stainless it is very hard to scratch and if you take care of it you will have a fermentor for a life time. If you need to get in this bucket for anything it doesn't take long to take the top off vs a plastic bucket.


When its time to buy your next fermentor you will have to look at all the options. In brewing I try and buy equipment that I can grow into and that will last.



Product review (out soon)