Oatmeal Raisin Stout

Go big or go home right? This is the first recipe that I made from the ground up. After having an oatmeal raisin cookie stout one of our favorite local bars I wanted to try to make my own. Going into this I didn't want to put everything in the world into it. I wanted to try and get the flavors with all grains.

Recipe is for 5.25 gal batch sparge:

9 LBs Maris Otter 72%

1 LB Crystal 120L 8%

1 LB Flaked Oats 8%

8 oz Double Roasted Crystal 4%

8 oz Roasted Barley 4%

8 oz Chocolate Rye 4%

2 oz EKG 90 min

1 oz EKG 15 min

WLP005 Yeast

My goal for brewing this beer for the 1st time was to make a good oatmeal stout. If the raisin notes made it in then I would be happy if not it wasn't the end of the world . The double roasted crystal grain bag it said you would get notes of raisins and that's why I used it. You don't want to use too much of any specialty grain, so I was thought 8 oz would be good starting point. Brew day went well - I hit almost all my numbers! OG was 1.060 and Beersmith showed 1.061. This beer ended up around 6%. 

Oatmeal Raisin Stout Brew Day

Secondary Tasting

Tasting Review