Idaho 7 Smash with 2-Row

Idaho 7 should bring out the following tropical, fruity, piney, and stone fruit in a homebrew. This smash beer(single malt single hop) will be with Rahr 2-Row malt. Some of the other smash beers have been using 2 lbs 12 oz of grain I wanted to back this down so here is the recipe I used:

2 LBs 8 oz Rarh 2-Row

.39 oz Idaho 7 @30 mins

.29 oz Idaho 7 @5 mins

.32 oz Idaho 7 3 Days

Yeast US-05

Color: Yellow some what hazy

Smell: Some citrus grass with some sweet malt. Some earthiness

Taste: Big citrus big hop bitterness. I think its just young and the hops need more time. Almost taste like its over hopped.

Overall: I think its ok right now I like the citrus but I think its young.

Tasting Video 1

Tasting Notes 2:

Color: Golden Yellow almost a dirty yellow

Smell: Dank fruit, funky stone fruit

Taste: Big fruit, Sweet honey with some bitterness.

Overall: Big fruit upfront with a lot of bitterness in the back. The middle doesnt taste good. Its like mixing the bitterness with the fruit. This homebrew has changed a lot in a month. I think this hop needs helpers. It should be used at the start of the boil as it has a high AA. I would also like to see what this would do as a dry hop only.

Tasting Video 2