Peach Tree IPA 2018 Overview

I wanted to make this years Peach Tree IPA a little different than the past years. As a home brewer we can brew what we want and try different things. 


11 LBs 2 Row

2 LBs Maris Otter

1 LB 20L

1 LB 40L


1oz Nugget 60 mins

1oz Simcoe 5 mins

1oz Amarillo flame out

Dry Hops

2oz Citra 5 days

1oz Azacca 5 days

Yeast WLP001


This is for a 5 gallon batch. The normal mash in temp for this beer is 154. This is what I have used the last 3 times I have made this home brew. This year I changed that to 150. I wanted to see what the ABV would be with a lower mash in temp. When you use a lower mash in temp you will pull more sugars that the yeast can eat so in turn you will have a higher ABV beer. Also you will get a lighter body. The head of the beer might go away faster also.

Estimated pre-boil gravity was 1.054 mine was 1.052. 

Post Boil Gravity was 1.071 mine was 1.074

Beersmith has the FG at 7.1% mine was 9.04%


So as you can see by using a lower mash in temp we can up the ABV of the beer. 

Brew Day Video

Tasting Video