Zombie Dust Clone

Citra, Citra, Citra!!!! I love citra hops. This is a clone of the 3 Floyds Zombie Dust -  a beer that I have never had. I had to brew this in 2016 to what it was all about. I am always looking for recipes that have citra in them. The base for this recipe is from HomeBrewTalk.com.

Recipe is for 5.25 gal batch sparge

11 LBs 12 oz 2-Row 81.7%

1 LB 2 oz Munich 7.8%

8 oz Crystal 60L 3.5%

8 oz Carared(see video for why) 3.5%

8 oz Melanoiden 3.5%

.75 oz Citra 60 min

1.25 oz Citra 15 min

1.25 oz Citra 10 min

1.25 oz Citra 5 min

1.25 oz Citra 1 min

London ESB Ale Yeast

3 oz Citra Dry Hop 5-7 days

What a good beer! Brew day went ok. Most of the time I want my water level over 6 gals at the end of the boil as I know I will have a lot of left over stuff in the bottom of the pot from all the hops in a beer like this. I ended up with under 6 gals going into the carboy. In the end the FG on this Zombie Dust Clone was 7.97%. This was a lot higher than what Beersmith had (6.4%). I think if I made this beer in 2017 I would bring down the ABV on this beer. A lot of people did like this beer but I think the ABV was too high. You didn't get any of the alcohol in the smell or taste, but I think a lower ABV would make this a better beer.

Zombie Dust Clone Brew Day

Tasting Review