Azacca Great Western 2-Row SMaSH

This is another SMaSH beer in our Small Batch Brewing series. This homebrew will follow the same recipe as our other SMaSH beers.

2 LBs 12 oz Great Western 2-Row

.39 oz Azacca 30 mins

.29 oz Azacca 5 mins

.32 oz Azacca Dry Hop

3g US-05 Yeast

1 Hr boil

1.25 gallons into carboy

Brew Day: Everything went well on brew day.

Pre-Boil 1.034

OG 1.060

FG 6 Brix

6.2% ABV

Smell: Dank weed Dank bitterness. I was thinking we would get more tropical fruit out of it.

Taste: Im not sure if I like this one. Im getting spice out of this one. Almost like an over spiced Mt. Hood beer.

Notes: 1 full oz of in a 1 gallon batch might be too much. The best way to use Azacca Hops might be to use them at the end of the boil. Maybe do a SMaSH beer with additions of 10 mins and 5 mins and not 32 mins and 5 mins. This is an over hopped SMaSH beer.

Brew Day/ Tasting Video

Update 1

Color: Yellow in color with lots of bubbles

Smell: Sweet grain tropical. Rip peach

Tasting: Skin of a peach with some sweet malt

Overall: I think this beer is changing. I dont think I would have picked out the peach in this in tasting 1. I hope next tasting we get more of that peach

Tasting Video 2

Update 2

Color: Yellow golden in color now. I think the malt is starting to take over

Smell: Sweet malt. A hint of fruit. Not a strong smell this time around

Tasting: Malt forward. Tropical fruit with a hint of bitterness. Maybe some citrus

Overall: Nice white head. The Tropical fruit is nice. I dont think its peach now. Its more an all around fruit now. You do get more sweet malt from this now.

Tasting Video 3

Update 3

Color: Bright yellow hazy. I think this is from being over carbed

Smell: Skin of a peach is back. Toasted malt with some fruit

Tasting: fresh hops. Smooth fruit

Overall: The carb level is very high now. We did get some foam out the top of the bottle. It was hard to review this one as its over carbed. New smells and tastes that I dont think we would get if it wasnt over carbed

Tasting Video 4