Azacca Great Western 2-Row SMaSH

This is another SMaSH beer in our Small Batch Brewing series. This homebrew will follow the same recipe as our other SMaSH beers.

2 LBs 12 oz Great Western 2-Row

.39 oz Azacca 30 mins

.29 oz Azacca 5 mins

.32 oz Azacca Dry Hop

3g US-05 Yeast

1 Hr boil

1.25 gallons into carboy

Brew Day: Everything went well on brew day.

Pre-Boil 1.034

OG 1.060

FG 6 Brix

6.2% ABV

Smell: Dank weed Dank bitterness. I was thinking we would get more tropical fruit out of it.

Taste: Im not sure if I like this one. Im getting spice out of this one. Almost like an over spiced Mt. Hood beer.

Notes: 1 full oz of in a 1 gallon batch might be too much. The best way to use Azacca Hops might be to use them at the end of the boil. Maybe do a SMaSH beer with additions of 10 mins and 5 mins and not 32 mins and 5 mins. This is an over hopped SMaSH beer.

Brew Day/ Tasting Video