Cascade Centennial 2 Hop


Tasting 1 Overview

This is the 1st homebrew in our 2 Hop series. As someone new to homebrewing might want to take the time and test out hops. Here is the recipe. This is 1.25 gallons into the fermenter

2 LBS 4 oz 2-Row

.25 oz Cascade @60

.25 oz Centennial @10

.25 oz Cascade @5

.25 oz each 3 Days Dry Hop

Color: Yellow and clear. Carb level looks high

Smell: Floral Citrus. A little sweet malt. I think this is turn to Cascade Hops. Floral is the main note of Cascade with hints of citrus and grapefruit.

Taste: As in the smell you are getting Floral and Citrus. Floral is almost a yeast taste. Body is light.

Overall: Good taste for our 1st batch in this series. Hop time are good at this point. I think its balanced right now. Maybe if we had the 2019 versions of Cascade and Centennial the hops might stand out more.

Tasting Video 1