Milkshake IPA Brew Day and Tastings

Looking in one of the Brew Your Own mags I came across a Milkshake IPA recipe that looked good. I have not had a milkshake IPA b/4 so why not brew one.


This was a 5 gal all-grain batch. Here is the recipe that I used:

11 LBS 2-Row

2.8 LBs Flaked Oats

4 oz Acidulated

1 LB Rice Hulls

2 LBs Lactose

.5 oz Centennial 60 mins

Yeast WLP002(Started made using wort from Pre-Boil)

4 oz Citra Dry Hop

2 Vanilla Beans after 5-7 days


Mash in temp for this beer was 155

1st Runnings 17.75 Brix

2nd Runnings 8 Brix

Pre Boil Wart was

Pre Boil G was 11 Brix

60 min Boil

OG was 17.5 Brix

FG 10 Brix

7.63% ABV


Brew Day went well. Temp outside was low 30s. For chilling the beer I let it sit covered outside until temp was under 100 deg then moved it into the carboy. I pitched the yeast the next day.


7.63% ABV

20.9 IBUs(This is what BeerSmith is showing)

Tasting Notes 4 days in keg: Smelling some yeast. I might have had it to long on the yeast. Not picking up the vanilla at all from the smell. Smelling some off note not sure what it is. This off note could be the bourbon. Taste is ok to me. Getting some fruits from the citra and a sweet taste. Getting some yeast in the back. Just like in the smell this could be from the bourbon. I want to make this again but I think I will put the vanilla beans in vodka.

Brew Day Video

Tasting Video 1

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