Amarillo SMASH Extract

An extract batch could taste and look different than an all grain batch of beer. There is nothing wrong with making extract batches. I do prefer all-grain over extract but we are making test batches so we need to test them all.

Amarillo Smash Extract Recipe. Recipe is for 1.25 gallons into the fermenter

2 LBs 3.2oz Pilsen Light DME

.39 oz Amarillo 30 mins

.29 oz Amarillo 5 mins

3 grams US-05

.32 oz Amarillo dry hop 3 days

The brew day went well for the most part. I had one thing happen and Im not sure what went wrong. Another batch will have to be made and I will need to go back into BeerSmith and see if I can find out what happen. As you can see in the recipe for this extract batch we are using just over 2 LBs of Pilsen Light DME. When I put this recipe in BeerSmith I wanted to try and get the same ABV as the all-grain batch. I know the smell and taste might be a little different as we are not using the same malt for both batches but like I said I wanted to try and keep the ABV the same. My pre boil gravity was about the same as BeerSmith called out. After moving this batch into the fermenter I took a gravity reading and I was at 1.088. BeerSmith call out 1.063. Now this is not a big deal as this is a test batch to see what smells and tastes we get from Pilsen light DME and Amarillo hops. We will have to see how this finishes but I dont think it will be close to the all-grain version as the ABV is going to be over 9. The all-grain version was 7.5% ABV.

Brew Day Video

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