Brew Day and Tasting for my all-grain Dead Ringer(BIAB)

This was the 1st time I brewed the Dead Ringer from Northern Brewer. The reason I purchased this kit was because Northern Brewer had buy 3 kits and get each one for $21.00. In my opinion, this is a Bell's Two Hearted Ale clone.

This was a 5 gal BIAB for me. Here is the recipe

11 LBS 2-Row(Rahr)

 1 LB Crystal 40L

.75 oz Centennial 60 min

1 oz Centennial 20 min

2 oz Centennial 5 min

1 oz Dry Hop 3-5 days

WLP001 Yeast

This beer turned out well. I did have some people say that I shouldn't squeeze the bag and others say squeeze it hard. I did get a soapy taste in this beer, but I liked it. We did do a match up vs Two Hearted Ale and both Steve and I liked this Dead Ringer over the Two Hearted Ale. I think this is my go to beer on tap at this point as it is easy to make and will not cost you a lot to make. From brew day to keg is only about 3 weeks so you can't go wrong with that.

Dead Ringer Kit Overview

Dead Ringer Brew Day

Dead Ringer Tasting