February Updates

Week of January 29-February 4 2017

I am going to start updating the blog weekly to keep readers up to date on the happenings at 31st Brewing. Be sure to check back every Friday!

  • Home Brewing

Most years I do not brew in the winter as I have lots of snow outside and all the hoses are put away so I can’t run water. This has been a weird winter here in Michigan - I think we have had more rain than snow! At the time of writing this we finally have some snow. I'm thinking about making some beer in February if we have the snow. I can use the snow to cool the wort down and I  think it will be a brown or pale ale. My kegs are almost out so it’s time to brew some beer. The PeachTree IPA tasting video will be up on the 4th.

  • Beer Reviews

You will see an increase in beer reviews on my youtube channel. Most of the time I put out 2 beer reviews per week.. I have so much beer that I want to review so I’m going from 2 to 3 per week. I have some IPAs that are about 2 month old now that I need to drink before they go bad. I also need to go get the new Enjoy by from Stone.

  • Meads

It’s time to taste some of the meads I made as it’s been about 6 months since the last tasting.. I think I did learn last year that tasting them before the 6 month mark is not ideal as  I personally did not think any of them were good b/4 that point. This tasting will tell me if I need to add more vanilla to the vanilla flavored meads or get them off the bean.

That is all for this week, I am welcome to suggestions of what you would like to see more of on the youtube channel, the website, etc. I am always looking for ways to keep people interested in the art of brewing!

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Until next week,

Happy Brewing.