Peach Mead 2018

This Peach mead starting with a 5 gallon batch. From the 5 gallon batch I spit it into 5 one gallon batches.


The peach that was use was Brewer's Best peach flavoring. This is my 1st time using this flavoring so I wanted to take it slow and not get to much peach flavor in the mead. 

1st Tasting


I think using the WLP720 did make this mead sweeter than the ones in the past. I think this one does need a little bit more chocolate flavoring as I'm not picking up peach in the taste. I think overall right now I have used 1/4 of the bottle. Remember you can add more but you cant take it out. Also I would say you should mix them up every day to make sure its mixing right and not sitting on the bottom.


Tasting 2:

I think its almost done. As you will see in the review Im starting to taste the peach in this mead. Its still like a bitter peach. I did add some more flavor to it so we will see how its doing in 2 weeks

2nd Tasting


3rd Tasting(Out Soon)