Small Batch Brewing Amarillo Smash All Grain Brew Day

 If you are new to homebrewing or have been into homebrewing for years making small or 5 gallon smash beers can help find out what malts, hops or yeast can bring to a homebrew. What is a smash beer? Smash stands for Single malt single hop. You have a lot of options when making a smash beer. You can use the same grain and keep changing the hops to see what you get. In this first small batch series beer we will be using Rarh 2-row and Amarillo hops. For right now we will keep using the same yeast and that will be US-05.

This will be a 1.25 gallon batch going into the fermenter. Right now we will be using the Mr. Beer fermenter.

BIAB Recipe:

2 LBs 12 oz Rahr 2-Row

.39 oz Amarillo Alpha Acid 10.3% 30 mins

.29 oz Amarillo Alpha Acid 10.3% 5 mins

.32 oz Amarillo Alpha Acid 10.3% Dry Hop 3 days after yeast start

Mash in temp: 150

Boil Time: 60 mins

Yeast: US-05

BeerSmith was used for recipe and numbers

Pre-Boil Gravity 1.040 Mine was 1.035

Post Boil Gravity 1.056 Mine was 1.063

Batch Volume into fermenter 1.25 gallons.

Brew Day Video