Beer Bracket 2017

As an avid basketball fan, I follow the NCAA tournament every March began my own “Beer Bracket” in 2015. We broadcast it on my youtube channel and my friend Steve does it with me. We liken it to the NCAA bracket, but we use 16 different bottles of beer.

We have varied in the style of bracket every year - the 1st year we drank porters. We had 8 beers and put each name on a piece of paper and drew names for the bracket and then put out 3 videos: Part 1 was the 1st round - 4 games, part 2 was the 2nd round - 2 games, and part 3 was the championship game.

It was fun for us, so we decided to do another one the next year and we picked 16 IPAs. The issue we had with this one was we only had 1 bottle of each beer and we couldn’t split the beer between us because we needed to have some beer left over if it made it to the next round(s). The other issue we had was we had to go from 16 IPAs down to 1 IPA in the same day as we didn’t think an opened beer would taste the same the next day so we put the beer back in the fridge after every match to keep it cold. The beers that lost would be consumed as we set up for the next match. The IPA bracket I put out a video for each match so we had 15 videos in 15 days. Back then this was a lot of work for me as I was only putting out at 3 videos a week max. Here is a link to the IPA 2016 Beer Bracket:

For the 2017 I wanted to switch it up and so something a little bit different. In the NCAA bracket you have 4 sides to it and I wanted to liken our beer bracket to the NCAA one. This year we will have 4 sides: Belgian, Stout, Brown Ale, and Viewer’s Pick. I wanted the people that watch my videos to have some input into what beers we would buy for this bracket. Now I know this could be hard as I can’t get all the beers that are made,  so if we can find it we will get it. I also wanted a side of the bracket to be for any beer so that is why we have a Viewer’s Pick.

I also wanted to have a .pdf file someone could fill out and send it and win some swag if they won the overall bracket. That was another way to get the viewer involved, to have a giveaway for the winner..

If you have any beer that you would like us to try and find to put in the bracket watch the following video and leave a comment with the beer(s) you would like us to try and put into our 2017 beer bracket.